About us

EverySaving.co.uk was launched in January 2016. It's the British version of the site GuteGutscheine.de. We are also present in India, France, Brazil and many other countries.

We search and collect the best voucher codes and offers to help you save while shopping online. Our website is completely free to use.

Save money

Our goal is simple: We want to make it as easy as possible to find voucher codes that actually work so that you can save money. No matter how little you save, every penny counts. Every day, our team collects, tests and reviews countless voucher codes for more than 200 stores.

Focus on users

To further develop EverySaving.co.uk, we focus on feedback from our visitors. Based on this feedback, we decide what new feature to develop, what to improve and in which direction our company should move. EverySaving.co.uk is designed to be as user-friendly and effortless to navigate as possible. Users also contribute by submitting voucher codes which helps others too.


In our newsletter, EverySaving.co.uk informs you of the latest exclusive voucher codes and suggests the most interesting offers. You can also follow us on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates on our best vouchers and offers.

How do we make money?

While EverySaving.co.uk is completely free for our users, we do have a team of editors working on the site. To finance ourselves, we receive a small commission from our partner stores when somebody uses our voucher codes.